Increase ecommerce conversion rates – 3 fixes

By 28th October 2013December 22nd, 2017Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy, Ecommerce

Let’s say you have an online store. All is great: a lot of high quality products, reasonable prices and well done advertisement. So what you’d expect would be high sales and healthy conversion rates – but surprisingly, that’s not what you get. Although your website has a lot of visitors, they do not end up buying your products, they simply won’t convert. If that’s what you struggle with, here are three tips that may increase conversion.

1. Display your products

If a visitor is looking for an evening dress, she will enter the ‘Evening dresses’ category where she wants to see a quick comparison of the products you have available. Do not give up on the standard category page. Give the users the possibility to quickly view the range of your products, allow them to get interested in some of the items. If you turn the category view into a CMS page only, there is quite a risk the customer will not continue to search for what they want to buy. It’s like a shop window – a bit of decor is fine, but what really attract the customers are the products. Let them see the variety you offer, let them get attracted by what you sell.

2. Let your visitors compare your products

They may vacillate – and as a result they may abandon the purchase, because they are not sure which product to choose. Give them tools to make the choice easier. Magento has a built-it comparison system. All you need to do is use it!

3. Help them to pay ūüėČ

The crucial part of your website it the checkout. If it’s complicated, the potential customers will not want to go through it. Keep it simple and clean, limit the number of options to a reasonable quantity, describe the options which may be unclear. Use lightboxes to display help messages, instead of redirecting or opening a new page. Good usability is one of the main keys to increased conversion.

A good example is Argos online store. You need a ring for your wife? OK, so you go to the rings category and notice a few nice ones. Add them to compare, you can see straight away that only two are available in the size you need. Fine, one of them is gold, but your wife prefers silver Рso there you are, adding the product to your cart. Go to your shopping cart, you can see the main options at the top, all other pushed down. A few clicks more Рand you are done with the order.

These are three main things to consider. Let me know what you think!