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By 7th November 2014December 18th, 2017Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy, Web Analytics & Reporting
Google Enhanced Ecommerce

Google Analytics keeps improving. Their new Enhanced Ecommerce report allows its users to gain more insight into their customers’ journey. Google has made quite an effort over the past year to really help ecommerce owners improve their sites. The Enhanced Ecommerce report is another step in that direction. The new report provide insight into the customers’ journey from when they land to when they convert or abandon their cart.

Enhanced Ecommerce really opens up what happens in the customer’s path towards a purchase. With the report you can see when customers added items to the cart and completed a purchase. A really neat feature is also that you have the ability to identify segments who drop of from the shopping funnel.

I will not cover every single detail of the new section but two of the main sections of the new report are Shopping Analysis and Product Performance.

Shopping analysis

This report gives you a good overview of how your visitor’s behave once they added something to the shopping cart. Which products do they view, remove, and add? The report also shows you where your visitors drop of in the conversion journey.

Product performance

This report lets you view how your product performs. You can either view this report in terms of summary or in terms of shopping behaviour. Summary – product performance in terms of price, quantity and revenue performance. Behaviour – product performance in terms of visitor product engagement e.g. viewing product details.

We are drooling over this and have enabled Enhanced Ecommerce for most of our clients and are already providing them with richer insights to help them focus on their marketing decisions. If you want to know more about Enhanced Ecommerce and what we can help you with, don’t hesitate to get in touch.