Welcome Alex & Florentina!

By 8th December 2015December 11th, 2017Team & Jobs
Alex and Florentina in front of LogicSpot logo

We’re happy to announce that Florentina and Alex have joined the LogicSpot team.

Just last week we flew Alex from Romania to join us. Before LogicSpot, Alex developed sites for several global and high-end ecommerce companies. He’s not only a certified Magento Frontend Developer but has plenty of experience in leading projects and consulting clients. Alex has settled in quickly and is already contributing nicely to projects.

Florentina is a hands-on Junior Frontend Developer with a background in Quality Assurance. Before she decided to join LogicSpot she lived in Italy where she was part of a development team that built user interfaces for cash machines. Ka-ching! Florentina is not only adding quality to our team, she’s also brought a tonne of ambition.