Welcome to Alex Halus, our new Head of Development

By 22nd November 2016Team & Jobs
Alex Halus

Alex joined us this summer to head up our front and back end Magento development team. He brings with him a wealth of experience across a range of companies including Tag Digital, Made.com, and Brand Alley. With a love of all things code and a deep conviction in the Agile methodology for ecommerce, Alex joins us to manage LogicSpot’s talented team of developers, ensuring development work for our clients is always correctly prioritised, high quality, on time and to budget.

Consistently operating at the forefront of online technology, Alex was a pioneer in creating content management systems in PHP before they existed widely. Alex found his passion, age 12 in Romania, through coding and programming on the Pascal Learning Programme. He quickly realised his aptitude and developed it through his teenage years by investigating early PHP gaming source code. Moving to work commercially in PHP, he built his own game which he sold to a Canadian investor.

He moved to the UK in 2009 where he joined Tap Digital. Here he worked in their RND department, exploring the limits of what digital technology could do at the time, for prestigious clients including EON, HP, Intel, Lexus, Made.com and Sports Pursuit. And it was here, luckily for us, that he turned his attention to Magento. Now a master in Magento development and Magento integration, Alex describes his love of development as a ‘love of learning’.