Congratulations to Patryk, our fifth certified Magento developer!

By 4th July 2013December 29th, 2014Technology & Business Intelligence

We are very proud of our amazing Magento developers. They work extremely hard for our clients to deliver complex technical solutions and they also find time to train and develop themselves and pass very difficult Magento exams. At the moment we already have 4 Magento certified developers and one developer Plus certified which is super difficult and mostly focused on Magento Enterprise.

Patryk is our fifth certified Magento developer. He joined our team as a very good PHP developer who used to have some Magento experience in the past but had an adventurous few years developing computer games. Within less than a year he trained himself working alongside the team and passed his Magento exam in June in flying colours achieving 85% score. Well done Patryk, we are proud of you!

Here in LogicSpot we are encouraging our developers to train hard and pass Magento exams. We believe in nurturing and growing people even if they don’t necessarily see that potential in themselves. We believe in excellence, permanent learning and developing ourselves in order to provide outstanding results to our clients. If our people are well trained and confident in what they are doing then they have a better chance to make a difference to our clients and solve their business problems which is really what our business is about. It also gives them a tangible qualification that can help them in their career and life outside and beyond LogicSpot… Everyone wins and that’s why we are growing our Mageento certified team.