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Over the past few years WordPress has continually gained popularity as a CMS. According to Built With, WordPress makes up 47% of the current content management systems on the web. That’s over 12 000 000 websites across the entire web!

While WordPress started its journey as a blogging platform back in 2003 it has become so much more and even calling it a CMS is a little insulting to its full capability. While WordPress is great for blogs with a few static pages it can also be scaled up to a full blown, highly functional application. So let’s talk about the main reasons to choose WordPress.

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1. It’s scalable

Here at LogicSpot we build all types of WordPress sites. Naturally the requirements change from one site to another. Let’s say these are the requirements:

1. Users can register for an account
2. Users are sent a welcome email
3. Once they are logged in they have an editable profile
4. The profile contains some custom fields (maybe a link to their Twitter profile)

WordPress has all this capability out of the box (with some assembly required). So you can see pretty quickly you are starting to have a somewhat advanced web app with no third party plugins necessary. For the sake of argument let’s assume it’s a movie reviewing site. By simply extending on WordPress’ existing functions you can create a custom post type for movies with relevant taxonomies to create an easily searchable, SEO optimised website.

Perhaps the client later decides they want forums as well as an online shop. Well then it’s time to tap into the huge codebase (paid or free) of the WordPress community where you can find some great plugins that can extend your website or application to the next level.

2. It’s got a huge community

The WordPress Community is thriving, from hard core developers posting about their experiences to everyday bloggers recommending the best way to manage your blog. This giant community means amazing accessibility to support, albeit unofficial.

It also means plugins are being released and updated all the time and on top of that new themes (premium and free) are released every day. Another benefit of a huge community is sustainability, with such a massive user base there are no signs of WordPress dropping off in the near future. Which brings us to the next major benefit of WordPress.

3. It’s maintainable

The staff at WordPress.org do an amazing job of keeping it up to date. A major release of WordPress comes out about every four months, with constant bug and security fixes in between.

While there isn’t much more to say on this it is definitely worth a mention. Free updates every few months! Amazing.

4. It’s free/open source

The fact that this software is free is incredible, this goes back to the great community WordPress has, “The core software is built by hundreds of community volunteers” (taken from wordpress.org).

Everybody loves free, need I say more.

5. Rapid development is possible

Provided you have the correct server specifications you can set up a WordPress site in just a few minutes. In fact WordPress has its famous 5 minute install. After that with just some basic configuration you can have a site set up in under an hour. While this is not for everyone and there is so much more you can do with WordPress the takeaway here is that even small not-for-profit organisations can enjoy the benefits of having a website that can reach millions of people.

Smashing Magazine have a great case study on this topic, be warned the first part of the article is a little development focused but case study that follows is worth a read.


I hope you enjoyed this article and it has shed some light on the benefits of choosing a scalable, maintainable, open source and community driven the ultimate software to run your website on.

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