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By 3rd June 2010 July 27th, 2017 Technology & Business Intelligence

We have a lovely client based in Knightsbridge, London who provide a fantastic service for anyone of any age – that’s Thai therapeutic massage.  And Yun, the owner of Thai Therapy is a good friend, and is truly gifted at her job … and in turn teaching, methodically and with passion and zeal, all therapists who work under her command.

Thai Therapy host many famous celebrities and without naming any names, they have regular movie stars who will pre-book appointments before they’ve travelled to the UK to enjoy a massage and treatment with Yun and her staff.

Website is here –

So that’s the company – why am I blogging about them?

A website providing 70% of the revenue

We first produced a simple website for Thai Therapy back in 2001.  Yep, that’s 9 years ago!  It was a very simple design, done well.  It was designed to fit a much lower resolution screen … but despite being super simple, LogicSpot producing an efficient and simple website continuously generates 70% of the revenue for Thai Therapy.  That’s 70% from a very simple website.

Website redesign – what was needed?

We have put together a 2 year plan for Thai Therapy that sees us increasing turnover and profitability and an expanded business driven by a superb website and back-office IT systems.   Our first delivery of the 2 year plan is now live – the new website.  We wanted to:

Retain search engine positions and add many new phrases

Retain the search engine positions for all the popular search terms.  Try pulling up Google in another browser window and search for something like thai therapy, thai massage, massage in London, thai massage UK, thai massage London … lots more phrases – and you’ll find we’ve given Thai Therapy TOP 5 POSITIONS IN GOOGLE for all search terms.  They often in the top 3, if not position 1 in Google.   We wanted to retain those positions, but also add many new phrases from their increased service offering.  Not an easy job – but relatively straightforward for us – where we provide graphics design, web design, technically elegant coding and search engine optimisation, all from one company.

Redesign the interface but keep the site super simple

We wanted customers to relax when they visited the website – so the design delivered a very graphically rich interface with numerous navigational routes through the site – allowing the customer to drive their experience rather than us forcing one way through.

From visitor to confirmed sale

We know the customers of Thai Therapy are busy people – their customers would be described as “cash rich, time poor”.  We capitalised on that by:

  • allowing booking online with one click from every page.
  • adding a “Live Chat” facility on every page

This has meant people don’t have to pick up a phone if they don’t want.  And it also means they can ask questions without filling in big forms, or again, dialling a number.

Visitor and customer data – safe in the client’s hands

We’ve built a back-office system that tracks all visitors to the website and retains all queries, bookings, live chat transcripts … everything … with workflow and processing – so unprocessed requests are sent as email notifications to staff … they know who has spoken to whom during the confirmation … and much more.

To summarise

Both LogicSpot and Thai Therapy are delighted with the new website.

Direct impact:

  • The site has been live less than 3 weeks and the Live Chat has been used scores of times
  • The booking requests come into the website while the staff are at home sleeping
  • The website has started going up the ranks very quickly for all the new search terms as planned
  • The existing search term positions have not been touched at all – all positions retained
  • The average visits per day has already increased

Do you want some of this? Contact us today, you’ll not be disappointed