New ecommerce site for UK surfing brand

By 14th September 2010August 27th, 2015CMS, Ecommerce, Technology & Business Intelligence

bali villa holidayChris Thomson, owner of Errant Surf Travel approached us about 6 months ago with an idea – can we help them deliver a new website and online community for a new company they were forming called Errant Surf Store.  The idea was to go beyond the traditional online surf store (seems strange saying traditional and online in one phrase – but yep, there are plenty of other surf brands that are really bedded in on the internet).

Team riders, in-depth reviews

Errant Surf are based in Newquay, and wanted to bring to the online surf store exactly what they’ve done with global surf travel – take their wealth of experience, knowledge and above all, heart-felt desires (the guys at Errant live, breathe and eat surf – that can’t be copied easily) and deliver it to the community.   So rather than us delivering a stack-em-high shopping experience, they wanted to blog about new products, wanted to road-test and review products out in the field, and to bring together their news, ideas and articles with the products you can buy!

Technical delivery

We wanted to architect a solution that combined the blogging capabilities Errant Surf were already used to … with a cutting-edge, stable, leading ecommerce platform.

Magento has been used for the ecommerce solution, along with some carefully chosen plugins and hand-crafted PHP code from our guys.

And WordPress has been used for the blog, articles and reviews that are featured throughout the site.

And we hand-cut a lot of code to glue the two together seamlessly.  And we think it’s paid off quite nicely 🙂

The look and feel of the site was beautifully designed by our highly skilled designer – Adela, including a tweak to the existing Errant Surf Travel brand for the Store.

And two of the Errant Surf team worked for weeks, working with suppliers to not only source the best products, but also to have great photos and descriptions for all to see.

We chose RBSWorldPay for the payment platform – it’s not the cheapest solution but their pre- and post-sales support is superb, the integration is simple and effective, and we have already implemented their payment method on the existing Errant Surf Travel website.

We’ve done the usual as regards tracking – we’re using Woopra to track live activity and Google Analytics to track trends.

And we plugged in MailChimp newsletter sign-ups, so people can subscribe to the Errant Surf newsletters.


The site was technically challenging for us.  The audience experience dominated our technical solution – we simply HAD to make many things work that weren’t traditionally meant to work together … and we pulled it off.

We’ve now got a repeatable architecture, method and team for delivering such a solution again, and enjoyed rising to the challenge of something that is certainly not out of the box.

As always, we thank our client for giving us the opportunity to contribute to them and their customers.  And we’re delighted with the results.