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Digital Richmond audience

What does the future of digital look like in your borough/area where you live? How do you get to meet the people in charge of creating that future? Or listen to what they are doing and have your say?

I had the opportunity not only to attend the Digital Richmond event earlier this week, but was also asked to speak at the event. I’ve shared “My Story” of what growing a business in this thriving borough looks like, with others.

We heard from various council members, those representing both Richmond Council, explaining their Digital Strategy. And the Lord Mayor of London’s office, and also experts in their field such as BT who have driven Milton Keynes and their connected city, as well as people from St Mary’s University and Richmond College.


So, what’s my story?

I was nervous as anything planning to speak in front of 270 people as I normally shy away from larger public speaking. I know, people who know me will be stunned by that. But in preparing for the talk 2 days ago, realised I had a lot to say in the short slot I had. Myself and Karolina, my wife and co-director, have gone through a lot over the last 8 years. And with the ups and downs have come a lot of learnings – and to be able to share that with others is a real pleasure.


Mark Haller at Digital Richmond

I described how the business had grown from a yearning to work for myself, having worked for many years both for full-time employers in various countries, but also a number of contract roles, primarily in the City.  I had chosen to go alone, starting small at home. But within weeks had more demand than I had hands capable to deliver. So had hired with a pace, then moved out of home to a new office, then again, and grown … and on it goes!

It was a joy to deliver, a pleasure to be around so many like-minded people. It was a very well organised and attended event by CPG. A nice surprise not only for so many people wanting to talk to me after, but also to do so over food and wine!


What does the future hold?

It looks like it’s not stopping there though … I’ve already been asked to repeat the same talk at the Richmond New Tech Meetup (at a more leisurely double length slot duration!). And it looks like I’m going to be interviewed for a heavily-subscribed YouTube channel for entrepreneurs – watch this space!


Digital Richmond event