Were moving… To Agile Project Management

By 17th February 2012 August 24th, 2015 Digital Strategy, Technology & Business Intelligence
Agile project management process

After moving to the big smoke of Richmond we are now moving… to Agile Project Management.

Agile is based around the idea of iterative and incremental development, turning projects around faster; smaller releases more often. It allows our clients to plan long term strategies with us; but giving us the flexibility to adapt to their requirements if the need arises.

An example is having a single project being a 3 month build and release. The client is looking to piggyback on great exposure, either within the sector or themselves; 3 months later the exposure is gone and they are releasing into a flat market! If we had used the Agile Methodology in development we could have released the first part of the product/service into a buoyant market and gained great exposure.

Do you spend 3 months rugby pre-season working on your left hand passing to get in a game and not be able to pass with your right for the game winning try? Or do you work on both left and right hand passing within the 3 months.. as well as your kicking from hand and kicking at goal. You’ve just racked up 2 assists and 9 points from kicking at goal! Bit better than loosing your team the game for not passing!


There are going to be teething problems as there always are when moving from one methodology that you have always used to implementing a company wide process. The first of which is finding the system to move forward with….(any thoughts please let us know) we are currently looking at JIRA with GreenHopper, it has a lot of possible additions and plugins, but.. I’m not sold at the moment.


Anyway back to work and l will keep you updated with our Agile journey and the problems / solutions we encounter!