WordPress 3.8 Beta – Admin redesign

By 2nd December 2013September 22nd, 2015CMS, Technology & Business Intelligence

For those of you who don’t know WordPress, it’s a content management system, allowing you to manage everything on your site without the need for coding knowledge. A couple of months ago I wrote about the WordPress 3.6 update. In this post I’ll cover the main updates of the coming 3.8 update.

WordPress has been around for 10 years and over that time the admin interface has really changed. With the release of WordPress 3.8 (out on the 12th of December) it’s about to change again. The new WordPress update will have a completely restyled admin interface but don’t worry they’ve kept everything in the same place.

Wordpress 3.8 admin design update

Key WordPress Changes in 3.8

New Admin Interface

Wordpress 3.8 - Mobile responsive The most noticeable difference in the update is that they have completely changed how the admin area looks. I’ve never been a big fan of how the admin interface looks myself so this is a welcomed change. Perhaps the biggest and most welcomed change is the improved usability. It’s really easy to find the options you’re looking for.

This new design is also fully responsive meaning that you can easily access your admin area from your phone for those quick on the fly spelling corrections or quick blog posts.

The Small Stuff

Some of the smaller changes with this new update is the theme selection page. It has been re-worked on how you preview and choose your new theme with some nice animation. A less important but still nice improvement.

They have also added more options for what colour scheme the user has when in the admin area so you can customize your own experience to a greater extent.

New Twenty Fourteen Theme

If you’re a developer you probably know that WordPress comes with their own theme in the installation that it uses when you have just set up. A few months ago we had the new Twenty Thirteen theme but it looks like they’re quick to follow up with a new Twenty Fourteen theme that follows the styling that they have put in place for the new admin interface.

Download the WordPress 3.8 Beta

The beta version of WordPress 3.8 is available for anyone to download.