WordPress Meetups

By 21st July 2014May 20th, 2015CMS, Technology & Business Intelligence
Think outside the box

If you don’t know about WordPress, You can find more out here.

This Wednesday I will be attending the London WordPress meetup. This is an event created and organised by the WordPress community made up of users and developers who create websites with the WordPress CMS, which makes up over 22% of websites on the internet. There are WordPress meetup groups in 384 cities, over 49 countries with a 145,895 member base attending these groups.


These events generally consist of a handful of talks from the state of WordPress and its future to specific case studies, such as developing the Persil website which needed to cater for an international audience. These talks make these kind of events a great resource for learning and growth. It also allows me as a developer to meet up with a larger community of developers where we can collaborate about WordPress as a CMS and find other peoples solutions to problems that I may not have come across yet.

This Wednesdays looks to have some good talks covering the following:

A Question of Deliverables

This talk covers methods on how to keep the client in the loop with deliverables with responsive design.

Review of WordCamp Bournemouth

A review of WordCamp Bournemouth which is a WordPress conference held annually.

Those who don’t jump will never fly

A talk about accessibility on the web.

I will be writing a follow up blog post about the July WordPress meetup next week after the event.